Our Sister Companies

Nesherr Media Limited

Because there are no off-the-shelf solutions to advertising and marketing challenges these days, Nesherr Media Limited is rightly trusted to birth ideas that can efficiently bridge the gap between brands and consumers. We bring together strategy, creativity, technology, innovation and traditional media practices to solve complex brand, communications and marketing challenges. Our core competency is to creatively bring ideas to life on your behalf. From advertising using digital channels, to the traditional ways, mobile apps and social networks through to direct mail, content marketing, brand experiences, advertising, product development, brand strategy and beyond – we’re built to respond to the changing world, no matter what your challenge is, and to deliver results to you in the most efficient manner.
Contact Details
Address:Plot 908, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja Lagos State.
Email address: info@nesherrmedia.com
Phone numbers: 01-342-7000, 01-342-4141, 0802-404-4442



Deluxe Childbirth Services

Is a Maternity Concierge service provider that links interested parents to excellent but affordable Childbirth services in the United States. The firm was born out of a need to protect expectant parents from undergoing emotional stress as a result of lack of proper guidance, answer the many questions expectant parents have about having a baby in the US; and most importantly show parents that childbirth in the US can be far more affordable.
Our goal is to help expectant parents have their babies in the US. Or more explicitly, we want to help you have your baby in the US at a location that suits you, at a facility you can trust; and most importantly, at a price you are comfortable with……irrespective of if you have where to stay in the US or not.
We make your dreams of having your baby in the US a pleasant reality and an unforgettable experience!
Contact Details

Address: Plot 908, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja Lagos State.
USA: 6721 Spring Field Street, 92114, San Diego CA.
Email address: info@deluxechildbirth.com
Phone numbers: 01-342-8000, 0902-342-8000






MGEM Services Limited is one of the leading car tracking companies in Nigeria; as we provide innovative and high-technology tracking solutions and tracking devices such as GPS Tracker,Car Tracker, Personal Trackers, Fleet management software, systems and devices just to mention a few. We are also a certified distributor of genuine Lenovo products such as Lenovo laptops, Lenovo phones and Lenovo tablets; as well as genuine APC power management products. We can meet your Stabilizer, Circuit Breaker, Surge Protector, Voltage regulator needs just to mention a few.



To improve the lives of people through meaningful innovations in the areas of Tracking, Power Management and Information and Communication Technology.



Making the world safer and achieving a sustainable growth through innovation and quality service. This we will achieve by delivering practicable innovative and feasible solutions to our clients with excellent service delivery.



Customer Service: We are driven by the desire to provide simple yet innovative solutions to our client’s needs on time every time; coupled with an unrivaled service delivery approach.


Integrity: We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our ideals.


Trust: Our clients can trust us to keep to our promises because we always do. Furthermore, we seek to build long-term mutually fulfilling relationships with all our clients.


Innovation: We stay abreast of latest innovations and technologies in our field of work; and apply same into our products/services in a bid to give our clients a leverage in their life and/or business.



  1. Tracking Devices
  • Car Tracker
  • Personal or Child Tracker
  1. Fleet Management
  2. IT Equipment
  • Lenovo
  • APC Products. (Schneider Electric)

Contact Details

HQ Address: Plot 908, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja Lagos State.

Regional Address: Suite GF25 Gabbs Plaza, 39 Awka Road Onitsha, Anambra State.
Email address: info@mgemservices.com
Phone numbers: 01-342-7000, 0902-342-7000



Mustard Global Distribution Limited (MGD)

MGD is focused on providing alternative solutions to the foreseen power alteration system in the country. Built on excellence and quality, our durable and affordable inverter technology and products make the conversion of solar energy to sources of rechargeable electricity easy. Furthermore, we are committed to sustaining the durability of household and office appliances through our APC and Legrand UPS products.
The idea behind bringing these two products (UPS and Inverters) together is to ensure
that as we provide renewable electricity through our technologically advanced inverters, our premium UPS equipment also help to ensure that the power is not only stored up but also effectively controlled and properly distributed to preserve your appliances from the effects of power fluctuations and surges.

Contact Details

Address: Plot 908, Lateef Jakande Road,
Agidingbi, Ikeja Lagos State.
Email address: info@mustardglobaldistribution.com
Phone numbers: 01-342-7000, 0802-404-4442